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Trade Spending: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

By Tim Powell, Managing Director Background Trade spending, for most manufacturers, is the second-largest go-to-market expense after cost of goods sold, typically higher than the cost of sales and marketing forces combined. Yet many companies struggle to develop a...

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What a Rate Drop Means for Foodservice

By Tim Powell, Managing Principal Last week, the Fed dropped the interest rate a quarter percent to hit a rate target of 1.75 to 2.0 percent. What does this mean for foodservice? The business cycle which so many food companies rely on for growth is starting its...

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The Importance of a Digital Strategy in Foodservice

By Tim Powell, Managing Principal An online strategy is as critical as any business unit or corporate strategy in today’s market. Food companies, however, have often lagged behind other industries for a myriad of reasons. To achieve success, it is important to...

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Exploring the Delivery Wars

The rise of delivery services in recent years has been a major growth driver for foodservice. Fast food and casual dining chains are now offering delivery through third-party services such as GrubHub, Door Dash, UberEats, and Caviar. The biggest challenge foodservice...

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Plant-Based Is Here to Stay

The plant-based food and beverage movement is obvious to anyone who attended the 2019 National Restaurant Show last week. Plant-based vendors could be found in each of the three exhibition halls of Chicago’s McCormick Place, ranging from Hodo Foods pre-seasoned and...

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The Rise of the Impossible Burger

The announcement last week that Burger King has decided to launch a plant-based Whopper shows how quickly patron acceptance of “faux meat” has accelerated. Impossible Foods, the company behind the plant-based Whopper, made headlines last year by partnering with White...

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